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Over 10 Years of Experience

Gorizont is a Russian export and import company with an experience in the healthy food market of over 10 years. We cooperate with large and small businesses in Russia, former CIS countries, and countries of Southeast Asia, including China, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.
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Passionate About Your Health

Healthy means happy. We strive to improve your health, nutrition, and quality of life. Fit body, emotional harmony, strength and energy, longevity — this is what we want to share with our customers with the help of a balanced natural diet.
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Go Natural

We sell only organic foods and dietary supplements. We believe that natural colour and chemical free foods will force out surrogate products with GMOs and harmful additives and that natural dietary supplements are better than chemicals from laboratories.
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Our Achievements

  • Ten years of successful partnership and effective cooperation with companies from Southeast Asia and other countries.
  • Best Exporter 2015 award in the category "The Fastest-Growing Exporter.”
  • 4.2 points on Yandex.Market.
  • Over 80% of our clients are repeat customers.
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Part of our products are produced in-house; we buy the rest from reliable and well-tried suppliers that have all necessary licences and permits. We guarantee perfect quality of our products.
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We are a fully compliant company that sells only certified high-quality products.

Gorizont LLC

Exploring New Horizons
of Healthy Life!

“Gorizont's journey began 12 years ago in the city of Khabarovsk in the Far East of Russia. Our philosophy hasn’t changed since then — we want to help every person improve their quality of life, health, and longevity by using natural effective high-quality products. Everything we do, we do to improve health of people everywhere. Wherever you are, we will find a way to share the gifts of nature found in the vast expanses of Russia and in exotic lands beyond.

“Our products include natural functional foods, dietary supplements, deer by-products, herbal supplements and essences. We sell chaga extracts, exclusive herbal honey, oils, brews and powders made of medicine mushrooms, herbs and berries, bark, animal-derived products (haematogen, antler haematogen, and others).

Faithfully yours,
I.V. Oleinik, CEO, Gorizont LLC

“We collect plant raw materials in Siberia. the Far East and the Altai Mountains, and in the Far North. This is where we harvest berries, mushrooms and seeds, nuts, honey, tubers and roots, herbs and leaves. Antlers and deer farming by-products are harvested in the Far North and Altai. We are committed to compliance — we have all necessary licences and approvals.

“We process some plant and animal materials in-house and sell the rest as-is. For more information about our technologies and production techniques, contact our managers.

“The power of nature and the healing might of natural products have no limits. Take advantage of these benefits!”