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Deer Antlers for Dogs

Pre-calcified and calcified deer antlers are a nutritional supplement not only for the human diet but also for dogs. It is a natural source of a number macro and micronutrients, 14 vitamins, chondroitin, glucosamine, peptides, stem cells, and 20 amino acids that are crucial for your dog’s health. All valuable components in deer antlers are balanced for your dog’s diet. It is an all-natural product free of artificial flavours, thickening agents, colorants, which means that this healthy treat does not cause allergy in animals.

Benefits of deer antlers for dogs:

  • They accelerate recovery processes and are essential for ill animals and animals after surgeries.
  • They have a tonic effect and improve the immune system.
  • Antler pieces are a natural abrasive — they help keep dogs’ teeth clean and are easy to digest.
  • Your dog won't have the need to chew on your furniture, cables, shoes, chew its paws or nails because it will have a better thing to do.
  • They help in dog training and can be used as a treat.
  • They stimulate sexual desire — an indispensable aid before mating.

Deer antlers for dogs are essential in case of:

  • Sexual dysfunction, infertility
  • Tartar
  • Surgeries
  • Diseases of the heart, bones, joints
  • Anaemia
  • Infections

Deer antlers for dogs can weigh between 2 g and 500 g (and even more). The raw materials are harvested on Asian and Russian farms (in Altai, the Far North and Siberia). We prepare the antlers for sale: chip away any sharp edges and grind each piece of the antler to prevent the animal from getting hurt.

Calcified deer antlers are a long-lasting chew for dogs. It is both a treat and a toy. A dog can eat velvet antlers in a few minutes to a couple of days, but calcified antlers last from a month to a year depending on the breed, age, temper of your dog and the size and structure of the antlers. Antlers are not sticky. They are odour-free and mess-free — no mucus or fat and therefore no germs.

You will be pleased with our broad range and prices for our deer antlers for dogs, and your dog will be pleased with their taste. Try this treat — pamper your furry friend, and we guarantee that you will come back for more.

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