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Deer Blood — the Elixir of Power

For northern peoples, the deer has long been the source of life: deer give them food and clothing, mobile home building materials, medicines. One of the remedies that have long been used by reindeer herders for medical purposes is dry blood of reindeer.

This is a biologically active dietary supplement with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. This substance is produced as a result of defibrinated blood processing. The preparation contains large amounts of nucleotides, peptides, iron, hormones, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Production. Such preparations are produced by freeze-drying of blood of healthy adult deer. The raw materials are harvested on licenced farms in the Far North in accordance with European standards. Therefore, we guarantee high quality of our products and strict adherence to the production techniques. After that, the raw materials are thermally processed in freeze dryers under sterile conditions. The production techniques help preserve maximum valuable microelements in the final product.

Benefits. Dry deer blood is a treasure trove of vitality and juvenility. It improves blood flow, remedies anaemia, improves sexual function, helps rapid healing of wounds, burns, fractures. This is an environmentally and genetically pure product with no side effects.

This drug can make up for deficiency of most biological substances, increase stamina, and improve memory. It strengthens blood vessels, improves nervous system function, prevents premature aging, facilitates recovery after surgeries. Deer blood helps cope with frequent drops in blood pressure, hypotension, nervous disorders, weakened immune system.

Deer blood is also used for haematogen bars, tinctures, dietary supplements. Deer blood supplements are also used in the cosmetic industry for high-performance creams, ointments, and compresses.

We’ve been selling dry deer blood and deer blood preparations in Southeast Asian countries for over 10 years. Looking for a safe and effective medicine or an energizer? Look no further!

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