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Deer By-Products

In addition to antlers and blood, these deer by-products are also used as crude drugs:

  • Male reproductive organs with testes
  • Embryos of Manchurian wapiti, red deer (Lu Tai)
  • Deer hearts
  • Tendons of hind and front legs
  • Tails

Deer tendons, tails, penises and other by-products are rich in vitamins, hormones, and minerals that are vital for human bodies. Deer by-products has been widely used by oriental healers for thousands of years. Today, they are also used in European medicine. This article will introduce you to the healing properties of deer by-products.

Reproductive organs (testes and penises) contain large amounts of natural testosterone and other hormones, B vitamins, magnesium and 15 different amino acids.

Deer penis powders, pills, and tinctures are used as an aphrodisiac; they help regulate renal function, stimulate blood flow, appetite, enhance the immune system. They are used for insomnia, amnesia, genital disorders (hyposexuality, impotence, infertility, menstrual disorders), lactation disorders, neurosis, dystonia, pain in the limbs.

Deer embryos. Foetal tissue extract has a positive effect on the growth and proliferation of cells. It contains glutathione, nucleic acids, and 17 amino acids (leucine, arginine, lysine, isoleucine, etc.).

Deer embryos improve health and support the endocrine system. Powders and tinctures are used for hormonal disorders, infertility, weakened immune system, frequent colds, skin diseases, nervous system diseases, poisonings, and prevention of premature aging.

Deer tails. Tail glands contain 16 amino acids (methionine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, valine, etc.), selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, silver, and phosphorus.

Tail gland preparations help regulate cholesterol levels, restore kidney and liver function, rejuvenate the body. They are used to fight anaemia, exhaustion, vitamin deficiency, eating disorders, spine diseases. rickets, impotence.

Deer hearts. Deer hearts contain proteins, mineral and vitamin complexes. Deer heart preparations are used to treat heart diseases, prevent diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension.

Tendons contain large amounts of collagen, calcium, heparin, hyaluronic acids, phosphorus, amino acids, minerals, and other nutrients.

Deer tendons accelerate wound and fracture healing, enhance the immune system, help prevent strokes. Deer tendon preparations are also used for arthritis, osteoporosis, joint diseases, low muscle tone, visual disturbances, diseases of the urogenital system, fatigue, and various ailments.

We have been selling deer by-products in the Southeast Asian market for over 10 years. We use only high quality raw materials from reliable suppliers harvested on velvet antler farms and in game reserves of Altai. We offer dried, frozen, preserved deer by-products and ready-to-eat preparations, including tinctures, balms, powders, and jellies.

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