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Timber Export

Gorizont export and import company supplies timber to the countries of Southeast Asia. Our company offers beneficial partnership to everyone who is interested in it. With the right approach, timber export to China is a gold mine. We guarantee security, bear all risks, handle all delivery issues, provide a market.

In the light of the recent international political upheavals, timber exports from Russia are directed to Asia. At the moment, China is a trending trading partner. According to various estimates, its share of exports of raw materials from Russia is between 45% and 52%, and the demand is growing.

Export of Russian timber to China generates over USD 1 billion annually. 80% of supplies are conifer species, and the remaining 20% include ash, oak, birch. Deforestation is banned in China, that is why Chinese market has an increasing demand for wood. Therefore, despite its relatively low cost, sales of this raw material to China yield a good profit given minimal expenses.

Wood processing industry products and timber in particular are exported to China mainly from the Irkutsk Region, the Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk Territories, Transbaikal, the Kemerovo and Tomsk Regions, Buryatia and Khakassia.

Supplies of lumber and timber to China is a major segment, and it is important to be reasonable. To ensure success, you will need a reliable partner with a sound experience in export trade with China and connections, one who can ensure rapid distribution of goods on favourable terms and protect against any undesirable risks. Gorizont LLC meets all of these criteria — we guarantee maximum profitability and security of timber export to China for all our partners.

Our advantages

Solid experience. Gorizont LLC has been engaged in international trade for over 10 years. We have a huge experience in doing business with Southeast Asian countries.
Compliance. We have a full package of licences and permits — timber export to China with us is a legal business.
Favourable conditions. We bear all risks and expenses and ensure high profitability of cooperation with us.
Reliable support. We have a defined market, a reliable supply scheme, business connections with freight companies, which means that we can guarantee seamless and rapid supply of raw materials.

Gorizont’s partners get maximum profit with no risks, no need in the long-term licencing process or handling customs issues. We do it for you.

Timber export to China with us — easy, fast, profitable.